Posted by: malibukarl | May 21, 2015

Using Spirituality To Better Cope With Stress

The big S that people battle each day of their lives have put away so many futures because not everyone can or have successfully managed it. Stress is a daily companion that is unwanted but which persists to be there from morn till you doze off to the dreamland. It can make people unhappy, agitated, short-tempered, and more vulnerable to mental disorders and other medical conditions as the immune system is weakened.

Unmanaged, stress can lead to depression and drive a teen yonder to escape it.

It is therefore not surprising that countless number of people seek ways to be able to cope with daily stress. Some of these are negative like drug abuse, alcoholism and over eating. Some positive ways to deal with stress are exercise, getting into productive hobbies, and spirituality. Coping with stress through spirituality is something that is undeniably useful as one becomes enlightened, and as a person’s purpose in life becomes clearer, sensed and lived.

Finding Meaning In A Person’s Life

Contrary to what most people believe, the core value of spirituality is not always connected to religion, though it can be. The dawning of awareness about self and the development of one’s personal values generally leads a person to one’s discovery of spirituality. This is linked to religion because religion and faith are the most usual tools towards self-discovery. Embracing a philosophy like yoga that instills discipline through its Asanas (poses) and meditation by way of Pranayama (breathing) can lead one into the awareness of self. This is important as this is the beginning of spirituality.

How Spirituality Relieves Stress

The most important achievement that spirituality can deliver to a believer is the discovery of one’s sense of existence or reason of being. This makes a person depart from materialism to move towards the attainment of the more valuable matters that define one’s faith and spirituality. Thus, stress becomes just another unnecessary thing that holds no importance to the person’s life. Stress becomes an unnecessary burden that tends to weigh down people’s mind and emotions. This affects the heart beat, the pressure of the blood, the functioning of many organs and the weakening of the immune system.

Inner serenity is achieved without effort despite solitude as one develops the connection with others and as one’s values are removed from everything material. With chi or qi (positive energy), one becomes like a magnet that draws people and relationships. This gives one the outlet to release, share or discuss with others their stressful problems that effectively reduce the intensity of emotions. As one learns to unload fears, phobias, apprehensions, anxiety, pain, anger and other negative emotions, the more that they become stronger physically, psychologically, socially, and emotionally.

Spirituality also tends to direct a person towards a healthier lifestyle and well being. Quite frequently, stressful conditions at work, at home, and in relationships tend to be aggravated when one is unhealthy. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and habits brought about by spirituality help a lot in reducing and battling stress. Quite frankly, it is easy for a healthy person to be happy, contented, enthusiastic, friendly, calm and socially interactive.

The Role of Spirituality

Spirituality has a big role to play in any person’s life. Coping with stress through spirituality benefits a person in some big positive way. If you are struggling from stress and have tried many ways to get it off your back unsuccessfully, maybe it is good to try spirituality this time. So if you want to achieve that higher sense of enlightenment and cope with daily stress in life, find means to practice spirituality!


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