Posted by: malibukarl | January 11, 2014

California Winter season Climate

It’s been freezing here in stunning Cali. As in… truly chilly. We’re needing to use sweaters and scarves and shelve the bermuda shorts and flip flops for a future date. OMG! Oh darn. Sad story.

Besides which, there was a quake down Santa Monica way recently. A quake! Choke. Run!

Exactly what’s the rest of the realm going to do? The weather is much better in Cali, yet it may sink under the ocean any minute now.

Funny (not). Fah.

If nonsense and concern of the floor rocking is what keeps the masses away, that’s just great with me.

I love my Golden State. But it’s too jammed up as it is. I’m grateful we’re in fact losing dwellers. I know that’s a truly great thing. If we could only get commercial enterprise to rebuild. Sigh. I assume that’s a forelorn wish. A non starter. Regrettably.

We’ll never be the Golden State we have traditionally been.

But still … I’ll take the weather below over anywhere else in the United States. Even Florida, with it’s stunning seashores and remarkable weather, has cyclones that ravage counties equally huge as any massive quake should do here.

I suspect, no matter where you live, you’ve must deal with unanticipated and undesirable weather problems. But I’ll take perfect weather and the periodic earthquake (most of which do not do hurricane-like damage) over the other choices – including Florida, Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Now, most of the other North America is shivering beneath a savagely frosty wintertime storm and we’re whining due to the fact that it’s a bit brisk. Fah! We are spoiled, it would appear ?

But I adore it.

The best part of it is watching the peabrains on the right squawk that this huge storm is some type of proof that the world is not getting hotter. The glacial ice caps are still shrinking daily, despite the hurricane! As one of my favorite talk show hosts said (and I’m rewording), they’re arguing global weather futures from one week’s worth of record temperatures. Idiots.

However, we’re more and more seeing that dumb and conservative are equal.

Fortunately for us Californians, the greater part of this class are clustered in the the heartland. They can clutch their artillary and scriptures to their hearts (under comforters, naturally) and inform themselves that all is well. And bully for them. Salute.

I’m just grateful (for so many reasons) that I’m in the Golden State!



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